Rock Boulder Retaining Walls

Rock boulder retaining walls are built with skill and precision and made to last.  Not only do they fit in with the natural environment, they come with natural drainage and are ideal for: water features, pool landscaping, garden landscaping, retaining walls for lakes, ponds, rivers etc, and commercial retaining walls.

Sandstone Log Retaining Walls

Sandstone logs are large natural slabs of sandstone.  The walls are put together with skill and precision. They look amazing and will add style and elegance to any landscape.  They are ideal for commercial boundaries, residential landscaping and will enhance any outdoor space.

Concrete Block Retaining Walls

Concrete block retaining walls are durable, low maintenance, inexpensive and can even be enhanced by paint. We use ‘A’ and ‘B’ grade solid blocks that feature a symmetrical shape.

Timber Treated Retaining Walls

Treated timber retaining walls are an alternative to traditional sleeper walls, they add an element of sophistication and dimension to any landscape.  Timber retaining walls are ideal for: hillside landscaping and walls for sloping sites.