We specialize in difficult sites and tight access areas for rock and earth excavation across the Sydney region covering the Eastern and Western suburbs, Northern Beaches and Sydney's surrounding suburbs.

Whether it’s a residential or commercial excavation job, our highly experienced and skilled operators will get the job done efficiently.  We are the difficult site specialists!

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Earth Excavation Sydney

Excavation & Boring

Our experienced excavator operators are highly skilled and have the knowledge to complete a site cut efficiently and to the required standard. 

The machinery we use will depend on the size of the site to be cut and also the amount of access available.  

We have extensive experience with challenging construction sites so give us a call today to discuss your requirements.

Rock saw Rock cutting Sydney

Rock Saw & Rock Excavation

Our powerful high quality, diamond tipped rock saw attachment for our excavators can easily cut through any type of rock including sandstone, granite, asphalt, and concrete, it is great for the demolition of these materials as well as the excavation for rock wall slabs.

The use of this rock saw is ideal for use in built-up areas due to low noise levels so it’s an eco-friendly alternative.

The diamond rock saw is great for using in close proximity to older buildings and in built-up areas as it does not cause surrounding buildings to be affected by vibrations that could damage the foundations of other said buildings.

Site Cut & Fill

We prepare the site with laser assistance and detailed trench work. The earth is cut from above the desired ground height and then used to fill a hole to desired ground level. This method is commonly used to create an even ground surface.

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