Screw Piling | Underpinning

  • Screw piling is ideal for building deep foundations and most efficient piling installation method
  • Suitable for all soil types
  • Least soil disturbance during installation which reduces environmental impact
  • Screw underpinning is used for new or existing structures especially to repair faulty foundations or aged structures
  • To install screw piles or screw pinning we use CAT excavators up to 30 tonne and the installation technique is tailored to meet the engineered design load
  • Pile design fully complies with all aspects of AS2159-2009
  • 50-year life relative to the design loads
  • Engineer Certified

Bored Piling | Bored Piers

  • Bored Piling / Bored Piers is a method used to bore earth or rock with a suitable Auger either utilising a steel tube as a case (after the concrete is poured it is withdrawn)
  • Good for unstable, wet or sandy ground or caseless using the earth or rock to form the bored pile
  • Ability to have little or no impact on the surrounding habitat
  • Bored piling / Bored Piers is used frequently in construction as a foundation, especially for bridge work and tall buildings

Timber Piling<a name="timberpiling"></a>

  • Timber piles are a natural product which is very cost effective and safe.
  • Environmentally friendly product causing no harm to its surrounding habitat.
  • Treated timber mini piles are very durable and hard wearing.
  • They are probably the best priced pile available on the market.
  • Proven to be long lasting in all weather conditions.
  • Timber mini piles are used for difficult sites with restricted access and are often used for underpinning.
  • Driven timber mini piles are a cost effective way to meet your foundation requirements.
  • We have extensive experience in the installation of timber mini piles and all our customers using this type of piling have been very satisfied in the outcome.

Sheet Piling

  • Sheet piling is used for both temporary and permanent retaining
  • Sheet piles can be used for temporary shoring and permanent walls.
  • They are thin interlocking sheets of steel or fibre reinforced plastic (FRP) which form a continuous barrier in the ground
  • Our excavators with vibrating hammers are used to installing these sheet piles
  • Interesting to note:
    FRP sheets are lightweight and made of recycled materials which makes them environmentally friendly in today's market